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[News item: Harold and Maude has been made into a play that is currently running in Palo Alto, one of the places where Harold & Maude was originally filmed. The play will move to Los Angeles later in the year, and the media is saying that Bud Cort has promised an interview in connection with the production. Click here to see the San Francisco Chronicle's review of the play.]

[News item: the site in Pacifica, California where the final scene of Harold and Maude was filmed was bought by the Trust for Public Land on September 21, 2000. This is great news for Harold and Maude fans -- it means that the site, which was in danger of development, will be preserved and ultimately added to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (a federal park in the San Francisco Bay Area).]

I think that if you can ask only one question of a person and you want this one question to be as revealing as possible about their personality, you should ask for the person's favorite movie of all time. Mine would have to be Harold and Maude.  This movie is funny, irreverent, well-acted, has a profound message about life and love, and pokes fun at lots of those things in life that need a jab. And a great Cat Stevens soundtrack to boot. Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort were great as Harold and Maude, but I think Vivian Pickles as Mrs. Chasen ("Fay? Be a dear and cancel my appointment with Rene . . .") is my favorite. Hope you enjoy this collection of Harold & Maude stuff that I've gathered. But remember, it's incidental, not integral.

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