Harold & Maude Links

Internet Movie Database The Internet Movie Database's page on Harold and Maude. More detail than even Iever wanted on every cast member, other credits, etc.

The Bud Cort Home Page If you're curious about what Harold's done since 1971, find out here.

The Harold and Maude Soundtrack This is the closest thing we have - released only in Japan. Good info on all of the songs here.

Eric Simpson's flash gallery Great still photos from Harold and Maude, a new one flashing up every 10 seconds.

Catstevens.com   A really excellent page dedicated to Cat Stevens.

Maudianism   A unique site promoting the carpe diem approach to life.

Film Locations   Scott Trimble's collection of still photos from the movie, together with the Bay Area locations for each.

Harold & Maude Hearse Doorway Believe it or not, there is now a Web page dedicated to the hearse that was used in Harold and Maude.

Review The Memphis Flyer's review.

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