Click here for the novelization of Harold and Maude -- not the screenplay, but a novelization of the movie. Much more detail than in Hal Ashby's movie version.

Click here for the screenplay of Harold and Maude -- The movie was finally made with slight changes, though...

And for a "deleted scene" sent to me by a "Nicole", here you go: SC. 59 INT. HAROLD'S ROOM - NIGHT All the lights are on showing a room cluttered with books, guns and swords on the walls, small bits of odd machinery, a chemistry workbench, a school pennant, some trophies, some models, a chess set, etc. HAROLD (v.o.) Oh, all my things - incidental but not integral, if you know what I mean. We PAN over individual items - the chemistry set, pool floats, a small oxygen cylinder, the rope and body harness he used to hang himself in the first scene, a large bottle of Max Factor blood, a portrait of Lon Chaney as "The Phantom of the Opera." We come to a silver seving dish with a large silver cover over it. A hand comes into frame and removes the cover. On the dish is Harold's severed head. We TILT UP and see it is Harold. He takes the dummy head over to his dresser, combs the hair and picks off the latex blood, and then takes it to the center of the room, where a headless dummy sits in a chair. Harold screws the head onto the dummy. It doesn't fit very well. He fiddles with it a moment but he is not satisfied. He goes to his closet and looks into a box of tools and things. He takes a meat cleaver out but he is still looking for something else. There is a knock on the door and Mrs. Chasen in evening clothes enters. Harold turns to come out of the closet but he hears his mother addressing the dummy. MRS. CHASEN Now listen, Harold, I have here the three girls sent out by the Computer Dating Service. She shuffles through three IBM cards in her hand. MRS. CHASEN (continuing) I've phoned them up and invited each of them to have lunch with us before you take them out. The first one is coming tomorow at one. Luncheon at two. Harold stands with the meat cleaver in his hand behind the closet door. He listens blankly. MRS. CHASEN (still talking to the dummy) Now I want you to act like a gentleman and make this girl feel at home. Well, I'm off to the ballet with the Fergusons. I only hope they can maneuver round that great black thing in the driveway. (she pauses) You look a little pale, Harold. (she opens the door) You get a good night's sleep. After all you want to look your best for tomorow. (she exits) Harold hears the door shut. He ponders his fate for a moment. He leans around the door and looks at the dummy. He thinks. He gives it up. He goes back in the closet to find whatever he was looking for.

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